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Animal Welfare Centre
We are a registered charity. 
Number: CV-01-051201-A

Animal welfare covers many areas of animal health, from providing blood donors to Eduardos Pets vetinary practice to the day to day cleaning and feeding of a small abused puppies. Here at Finca La Castellana we have an expert team of people all specialized in various health and welfare issues. We also run a boarding kennels where our guests are given a five star individual accommodation, 2 walks a day and breakfast and dinner included.


Many of our rescue dogs have been involved in car accidents resulting in broken bones and severe injuries. But under the care and guidance of Eduardo we can put in place a program of rehabilitation.


Sometimes we find the hardest injuries are the ones you can't see and this we combat with love, care and routine. Many of the dogs need the reassurance of their own space, a comfortable bed and regular food. People who care for these animals are special, And with Anna of Tidy Paws at hand to put together a program of shampoo and trimming that will improve the health and skin problems many of the dogs have.

And Eduardos Pet Clinic, where the needs and medication to all animals will be taken care of. The public can be assured that all animals in our care will have the best attention and care that they need and deserve.


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In Collaboration with

Edwardos Pets
Vetinary Clinic
Contact Edwardo & Jose
966 764 109

Vetinary clinic based in the Rioja Centre, Los Dolses, Villamartin.


Eduardos Pets
Vetinary Clinic
Contact No:
966 764 109

calleTorrecerro 2b local 5
Orihuela 03189.


Tidy Paws
Grooming Parlour
Contact No:
619 277 654

calleTorrecerro 2b local 5
Orihuela 03189.


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We would like to say a BIG BIG thank you to everyone who has and continues to help with the fund raising. 


We need €3,000 plus each month just to cover food and for the general care of the animals we are caring for and in the last few years we have had to fund this ourselves. But now with charity status we can have our work recognised and officially raise money: “We have had around 600 animals left to us in the last four years and re-homed over 500 but that does not solve the problem. There is a continuous follow on of abandoned and injured animals every day, week, and month, all of which need the care that they deserve.


And with the help that you all have given this has been made a lot easier.


Contact us if you have any ideas for future fund raising events or would just like to come along and support the events already set up.



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