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Animal Welfare Centre
We are a registered non-profit charity. 
Number: CV-01-051201-A

In May 2000 Finca La Castellana started as a family building project, on a piece of land on the campo, just outside of San Miguel. Along with my family, and husband Antonio, we started taking in, rescuing and re-homing animals of all descriptions that had been abandoned, ill-treated, abused, or dumped. We soon realized that the building project had to extent to kennels, cattery, paddock, stables, and orchard, just to house all the rescued animals.  After years of red tape and paperwork, Finca la Castellana became a registered, non-profit charity in March 2009. This has made it possible to take on volunteers to help with the daily care of the animals, and most importantly, to start fund raising to help with the feeding, day to day care and veterinary needs. 


During this time well over 3000 animals have passed through our gates, the majority being found new homes, and a handful living out their lives at the finca. The charity works closely with the local police and has an ongoing project, The Green Mile, helping to release dogs and puppies from a municipal killing station. 


Myself, Antonio and our team of volunteers are always working hard to improve all aspects of the charity, from looking after the animals and the surroundings they live in, to raising money to help cover food and medical costs, our motto being, "The more money we raise, the more pets we can save".

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Edwardos Pets
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Eduardos Pets
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Tidy Paws
Grooming Parlour
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We would like to say a BIG BIG thank you to everyone who has and continues to help with the fund raising. 


We need €3,000 plus each month just to cover food and for the general care of the animals we are caring for and in the last few years we have had to fund this ourselves. But now with charity status we can have our work recognised and officially raise money: “We have had around 600 animals left to us in the last four years and re-homed over 500 but that does not solve the problem. There is a continuous follow on of abandoned and injured animals every day, week, and month, all of which need the care that they deserve.


And with the help that you all have given this has been made a lot easier.


Contact us if you have any ideas for future fund raising events or would just like to come along and support the events already set up.



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