Save a Cat and save 9 Lives

Welcome to Finca La Castellana Cattery. We are firstly dedicated to the welfare of all abandoned cats that need our help. We have cats that are always in need of re-homing and seeking the love and care that a new home can provide. To fund the welfare of abandoned cats our Cattery offers a warm, secure and dry surroundings for your cat while you are on holiday. We have a separate play area that your cat can enter at any time throughout the day. While at night they lay comfy in their own separate space. 


We are in collaboration with Eduardo's pets so you can have the confidence to trust that we can give medication and vet care at any time day or night if needed. So you have the confidence that your best friend is never alone while you are.



​1 Cat

2 Cats Sharing




Discounted rates of 50% are available for stays of a month or more. With this discount the full amount has to be paid for in advance, on the arrival date.

For busy periods such as the Christmas period, a €20 deposit is required to book your cat's stay. This is re-funded on collection and the end of your cat's stay with us. But non-refundable if you fail to keep to the booking dates.


Within 5km

5km to 10km

10km to 15km

15km to 30km






We appreciate the difficulty some people may have with transport. With this in mind we have set up a list of charges for our pick up and drop off service. Distances are set from San Miguel de Salinas and prices quoted are for one way.


All cats must be up to date with their vaccinations and the certificate that is provided by your vet will be asked for when you book your cats stay and must be shown on the day of admission. Also your cat will have had to have a up to date flea and worm treatment.