Doggy Blood Donors

We all know about blood donation for humans, in fact there are dozens of donation drives taking place every day in various towns throughout the local area. But what about if you are a dog?


We are very proud to have a number of very special dogs who are providing blood donations for other dogs, and in turn are saving their lives.


Doggy donors were the idea of Janette at Finca La Castellana Animal Welfare Centre and her son in law Edwardo, who owns his own veterinary practice Edwardos Pets in Los Dolses. He was performing an operation on a very sick dog and desperately needed canine blood in order to save its life.

He spoke to Janette and asked if one of her larger dogs could possibly donate and she agreed. The sick dog received the blood and later recovered.


As a result of that success, it was decided that the five healthiest and largest dogs of Janette's pack would become donors only if required.


These five very generous pooches have saved many dogs between them but they can only do it once and only as a last case scenario for a very sick dog.


To donate, the dogs have to weigh more than 45kgs and they can only donate a limited amount of blood every time. The blood has to be taken as and when required because it can't be frozen.


All the donating dogs are from the welfare centre and we are asking if anyone would like to sponsor one of these life saving dogs, so more lives can be saved