Nat, Hitch & Prince

Today was a very happy day for Prince! One of our volunteers and fundraisers Ria, decided to reunite Prince with his ex room mates Nat and Hitch and make her rescue family complete! Ria and her husband Hans took on Nat and Hitch some time ago, but through no fault of their own, or the dogs, it didn't work out because of where they lived. They promised that, whatever it took, Nat and Hitch would be part of their family. True to their promise Ria and Hans moved house, and found somewhere not only perfect for them but also for Nat, Hitch and now Prince. Two months ago they sadly lost their wonderful dog Jirka, leaving a big empty space in their hearts, but we think that these three beauties will help to fill that gap.


Thank you so much Nicky Edgington for sending this great photo of Max, he looks so different and happy. Nicky, who has fostered for us before, decided to take on a dog this time, for keeps. The lucky boy was Max who came to us in a terrible state, emaciated, dehydrated, covered in ticks and sore skin. He didn't spend too long with us when Nicky decided to give him a chance, he got his happy ever after!


Thought I would take a moment to show you how Charlie is doing, especially as his first birthday is coming up soon! He is such a character who steals the hearts of everyone he meets, and for a small doggie, OMG he can run fast! He can outrun his brother every time! He loves playing ball and snuggles with our daughters and doesn't have a bad bone in his body. Once again I have to say thank you to you all. Here are a few pics of him now. From Amanda Bush.