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New Year Charity Walk.

I really can't thank you all enough for coming to our New Year Charity Walk today, the turn out was phenomenal! So much so, we ran out of dogs!! I sincerely apologise to all of those that didn't get a chance to walk one of our rescue dogs but thank you for still supporting our event. You all helped to raise a fantastic €512.18!!! I would also like to thank my team of helpers, we were a little thin on the ground today but everyone worked twice as hard to make up for that. Thank you to my Mum Josie Garland, as always you did a sterling job on refreshments, even after having to get up earlier then normal! Thank you to my extremely supportive boyfriend Craig Fisher for ALWAYS helping with my charity work, happily! Thank you to Ria VAN Rompaey for being there to help me everytime. And thank you (and sorry) to Janette Lopez for taking time off your sick bed to help my Mum. Looking forward to the next one in February. Beccie.

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