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Puppies found abandoned :(

What a day! Turned out, the seven puppies found in a carrier back outside of a shop actually started as eight puppies. Ellie Sussex aka 'Sherlock Holmes', traced the boy who was seen taking the puppy from the bag and convinced his family to return it to the litter for the sake of the puppy. He will return to the very understanding family once he is old enough. Through the same CCTV footage from the shop, the person who dumped the puppies has been found. The Guardia Civil of San Miguel de Salinas are taking the act of cruelty very seriously, a full report was given to officers this morning and a denuncia was signed by one of our representatives. To top the day, the smallest of the puppies had to go to the vets for a little tube feeding as she isn't progressing as well as the others. Bruno at Eduardos pets took great care of her, fingers crossed she picks up.

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