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Ellis & Bobby.

Sometimes dogs have to be rehomed for the sake of the animal. Situations like this can be as heartbreaking as the stories we tell you about abandonment and cruelty. It takes a lot for a person to give up a family pet because of their personnel situation. Last week we had a phone call about two Shih tzus who’s owner is very old and very ill and on her own, so she knew it would be best for the dogs to go to a new home. Because the owner hadn’t been well enough to look after them, their first stop was to Tidy Paws Grooming Parlor so Anna and her team could work their magic on them. It was certainly a lucky day for the two dogs because Anna also managed to find them a new loving home. Thank you Lisa Ellis and partner for adding to your Shih tzu collecting, a very happy ending in a sad situation.

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