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Our latest rescues.

Our latest rescues. Their owners upped and left all these dogs in the garden following a family tragedy, asking neighbors to feed them. The gate was chained and they only had a dirty, near empty pool to drink from. People in the area kept them alive by throwing food through the fence. Seeing one of two puppies die, someone took it upon themselves to cut through the chain and bring these six poor soles to us. The bad news is, the puppy is completely blind in one eye, the retina is detatched. The other eye has an ulcer and she could also lose the sight. The little guy with the bad skin is leish positive, he also has a bad reaction to tic bites and is very anemic and really quite poorly. They all needed to be treated for tics, fleas and worms. Please donate if you can to help them all on the road to physical recovery, thank you.

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