• Finca La Castellana

Almo, our latest rescue.

I received a message on Facebook 4 days ago, about concerns for a dog that seemed to have taken refuge in a squatters garden. I staked out the premises for the following 3 days but could not contain my anxiety any longer. I spoke to Janette who was aware of my concerns, and she gave me a verbal kick up the bum to get in and get him! So last night I went for it!

Jumped the wall (of course I have a beautiful bruise to prove it), gained his confidence through voice and sausage (we now realize this poor poor sole is probably blind),

looped the lead over his head and picked him up. He instantly warmed to me, so I tucked him under my arm and legged it to the car.

Needless to say this little chappy is now safe at the finca, warm and has a full tummy. He will be visiting Tidy Paws Grooming Parlor tomorrow so Anna can work her magic on him, then on to Eduardos pets for X-rays and blood tests. Please donate if you can to help towards the costs of getting Almo back to full health.

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