• Finca La Castellana

Finca La Castellana Cattery.

Evening all, over the next few months we will be renovating our cat rescue part of the Cattery, so at this time we won’t be taking in any cats or kittens. If you would like to help and contribute towards making our rescue cats and kittens living quarters extra special please do. Every little helps to make a better place for cats to come to when we have completed the project.😻

Also if you have any fundraising ideas please get in contact and if you can’t donate please share and help spread the word. We hope you all understand. Many thanks🐾🐱

***Please be assured everybody, we are not just walking away from rescuing cats and kittens in need at the moment. We have contacts who are willing to help us help them. We just want to expand and improve our rescue facilities so we can help more in the long term. Thankyou😻😘

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