• Finca La Castellana

Flea Season.

Would you like to help us keep the fleas at bay? It's that time of year that we have to be completely on top of the dogs flea treatment. Fleas love the warm weather and they are out in force this year, like everything in nature, so it seems. We have found that the best type of treatment for the summer months is in a chew-able tablet form. Below I have listed all our dogs and how much their tablet will cost, would you like to pay for a pooches treatment? Click on the donate button on this post and put the dogs name in the comments below. Please share this post, and thank you for your support.

2.5-5kg €6.24 Bobby Rain Cherry Locky Covida Iso Who Romeo 5-10kg €6.63 Chucky Brownie Kim Stormsy Dolly Lexi Ronnie Lilly Tootsie Suzie Paris 10-20kg €7.41 Ali Lottie Boston Gloves Pharaoh Lidia Parsley Benny Rizzo Rocky Clive Flor Kennedy Oliva Noah Twinkle Gulliver Magic 20-40kg €8.73 Buster Issa Faye Bonnie Barney Daisy Chance Torney Bruno Soo Jose Monty Treacle Freckles Lucy Finn Jack Kyle Tucker Starsky Tip Orla La-la

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