• Finca La Castellana

June charity walk, Sat 27th.

Charity Dog Walk, Saturday 6pm.

Our walk tomorrow evening will run exactly the same as our monthly walks. Gates open at 6pm, €5 per human walker, children under 14 are free. If you wish, message and reserve one of our dogs to guarantee one to walk. When we run out of dogs, we run out of dogs! We will set off on the walk at approximately 6.30pm, a gentle 2.4km walk in the campo with a water break half way. Then back to the finca where you can purchase food and drink and listen to the entertainment. If you don't want to take part in the walk, please feel free to join us after, 7.30pm.

All the tables and chairs will be sterilised, all volunteers will be wearing masks, we ask that you wear yours too and sterilize your hands on entering the finca. When queuing to enter the finca, please be aware of the 1.5m social distancing. We ask that when you go down the bottom to collect your dog, please only one person per dog, all others to wait at the top, spaced out. On the walk we ask you to stay in groups of no more then 10 people, this also applies when we stop for water. We are looking forward to seeing you all, and so are the doggies.

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