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March Charity Walk Cancelled.


In collaboration with San Miguel town hall and advice from the local police, we will be cancelling our walk due to the COVID-19 virus situation.

As you can imagine, this is a massive blow to our income at a time we desperately need it. Please, please donate €5 if you were going to attend on Sunday. Thank you so much.

  1. ℹ️🇬🇧 Public announcement regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus).DON JUAN DE DIOS FRESNEDA ARQUERO, MAYOR OF SAN MIGUEL DE SALINAS (ALICANTE)TOWN HALL INFORMS:The Government Team of the City of San Miguel de Salinas, after receiving the recommendations of the Security and Emergency Agency of the Generalitat Valenciana in relation to COVID-19 adopts the following preventive measures: ❌Suspension of sports activities aimed at sports municipal facilities ❌Suspension of courses, events and workshops scheduled for the next dates. 📅 (Until new indications are received).In relation to hygiene measures, it is recommended: -Avoid shaking hands in courtesy greetings. -Regular hand washing. -Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth if there is no prior and adequate hand washing. -Cough control: In case of coughing, coughing on a handkerchief, elbow or sleeve. -Do not share drinks or food or common utensils. Use of personal utensils or disposable In case of presence of symptoms that could be associated with Coronavirus (COVID- 19) (fever, cough and feeling of shortness of breath) affected people should remain at home and call the phone number provided by the Ministry of Health: 900 300 555.The City Council of San Miguel de Salinas asks for collaboration before the measures of prevention adopted to help improve the health of the population, and recommends following the instructions established by the Ministry of Health. Signed: Juan de Dios Fresneda Arquero. Mayor of San Miguel de Salinas town hall.

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