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News of today's virtual walk.

36 hours after the start of ‘lock down’ it should have been the monthly charity dog walk I organize for the charity I volunteer for. Obviously it was cancelled, meaning the charity missed out on donations that help with a third of the monthly food bill for the 230 animals. The ‘lock down’ was then extended meaning we would miss out on more essential fundraising. So we put our heads together and came up with the idea of a virtual walk, which happened this morning. I would like to thankDawn Maherfor all of her hard work filming each dog, writing a blurb and sending it to me, it must have taken hours, 85 dogs! I hate not being there and physically doing my part, but my loss is helped knowing Dawn is getting the job done, you really are a star! Thank you to each person that donated and helped raise an amount similar to the real walk, €845!

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