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Virtual Charity Dog Walk 2!!


As we are only a few days into Phase 1 of the de-escalation plan, we unfortunately still cannot hold our monthly charity dog walk. So as the last one was such a success, and quite fun, we thought we would hold number 2 this Sunday at 11am.

Pick your dog, donate €5 and put your chosen dogs name in the comments below. On Saturday you will receive your video via email or Whatsapp (make sure I have either one). On Sunday at 11am we will start the virtual walk with a video, and all you have to do is add your doggy video in the comments of that post.

Just a bit of fun and a great way to raise some money for all of the dogs on the finca. Chance Clive Curtis Daisy Flor Issa Juliet Kira Leo Lidia Misty Noah Poppy Romeo Starsky Treacle Tucker Zac Barbara Pam Peter Colin Aero Barney Bobby Brownie Buster Butch Cherry Chucky Freckles Gloves Jack Kim Kyle La-La Lexi Lilly Lolita Lucy Luna Magic Mandy Monty Parsley Rain Ronnie Rosita Soo Storm Susie Tip Tootsie Torny Twinkle Duke Dora Lula Doohan

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