A big thank you to those who support us.

The Olive Tree Restaurant

The Olive Tree Restaurant, San Miguel, very kindly did a raffle for our charity at their Ascot Ladies Day, on Thursday. A fabulous €116 was raised, a big thank you to all involved.

Jessie's Bar

A big thank you to Kath and Julie at Jessie's bar for doing a fab meat raffle and raising €245 to help with Millie’s treatment. Thanks to everyone that took part on the day.

Kiwoko, CSR Property Services & Linda Burgess

Tonight I would like to thank a few people. First of all to Kiwoko in Torrevieja. They have had a charity bin in the shop so customers can put donations in and they also donated a TON of food for the animals. We would like to thank Carlos Sanchez Reneerkens of CSR Propery Services for his very generous donation. And to Linda Burgess for knitting and donating some coats for the dogs.

The Post Room, San Miguel

A big thank you to Trisha and all her customers at The Post Room in San Miguel. They raised €170 through the raffle if one of our Christmas hampers. Great job as always.

Friendly Bar, Citrus Centre

Thank you to Dave and Jane, their staff and all their customers at Friendly Bar, Citrus Centre. A Christmas Day raffle raised €280 for us! Happy New Year to you all.

The Stumble Inn

Three fundraisers in one weekend, how lucky are we! Fantastic race night on Saturday at The Stumble Inn, thank you to Karen, Bruce and Tracey, €300 raised. Also thank you to the patrons of The Stumble Inn and The Friendly Bar for collecting all your pennies for us, another €150!

Evolution Bar, La Fuente

Thank you to everyone at Evolution Bar, La Fuente, for donating the money from your Christmas raffle to our charity, €307!

The Archers

Thank you to The Archers, staff and patrons for raising €205 last night. And thanks to Dee for the great entertainment, as always.

The Nook

All of us here at the Finca would like to thank everyone from The Nook for their continual support of the charity. And of course a furry thank you from Nooky (Parsley).

Deborah Mercandelli

Morning everyone! A big thank you goes out to Deborah Mercandelli, a hospitality manager in Richmond Village in Nantwich, UK. Deborah held a dog show in aid of the Finca and presented a cheque to us, here at the centre, for £653.

Nina's Bar Fundraiser

Well done Ria VAN Rompaey, your first fundraiser and you smashed it! An amazing €1,563 was raised on the evening to pay for Amber's amputation opertaion. We would also like to thank the team at Nina's Bar for a very tasty meal and brilliant service and great entertainment. A special thanks to Nancy Dijstelbloem for all of her help and sponsorship, Wim Claessen, Carlos Sanches, Jan Casier, to name but a few. Thank you to Francis Hofman for a fabulous drawing of Amber which was one of the wonderful auction items. And of course, each and every person that attended the event or donated towards the cause.

Bob & Charlotte Sabine

Thanks to Bart and Charlotte Sabine for supporting the charity. Next time you are visiting, we look forward to showing you around the finca. 


Here is Antonio loading up his van with donations of animal food from Kiwoko, Torrevieja. Thank you so much for such generosity and support.