The Town hall and the Local Police have now realised the problem

with abondoned dogs.For a long time people have been nervouse

about abondened dogs and what they are capable of doing.

Now with the help of the Townhall and the Local Police we have a

procedure in place where the public can call either one informing

them of the whereabouts of the dogs and they will contact us to

retrieve the dogs so we can give them the support they might need.

This is a huge step forward for the rehoming and welfare of dogs on

the streets, and one of which we are very proud of being a part of

setting up.


Dog welfare is not only about rehoming and caring for dogs in need.

It is also about  what you can do to make the general public more pet

freindly. The Townhall have headlined some very simple but

important points that dog owners need to be aware of. All of which

are detailed below.



Rules for dog owners:


  • Collect the excrement and place in a plastic bag and put into the waste bins.

  • On puplic highways and public places always keep on the lead.

  • Do not leave unattended on the pavement

  • Due to rules of public hygiene do not take into gardens or childrens play areas

  • Always keep clean and vaccinatted

  • Do not abondon. If you do npt want your dog, find a new home for the dog

  • For your security ensure your dog is correctly microchiped


Rules for dangerous breeds of dogs:


  • For dangerous dogs in public places ensure the lead is no longer than 2 meters

  • Ensure that a secure muzzle is fitted



Responsible dog ownership